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Owing to the advanced manufacturing techniques and close check throughout the production on all measuring tools and instruments. Our pipe fittings are ensured for their durability surface, texture, geometrical precision in size and strong resistance to rust.


        Our pipe fittings are manufactured strictly in accordance with : 

                                      Indian Standard :- IS: 1879 - 1987 
                                      British Standard :- ISO 49  - 1983
                                      American Standard :- ANSI / ASME B16.3 - 85 
                                      German Standard  :- DIN 2950 

                                     SPECIFICATIONS  &  FEATURES 

Blackheat Malleable Cast Iron as per IS : 2108 - 1977, Grade BM - 290.

              Threads :
Threaded as per IS : 554 - 1975, Parallel female and taper male threads.

              Finish :
              Galvanised finish in accordance with provision contained in IS : 1879 - 1972
              and IS : 6745 - 1972, shall meet the requirements of IS : 4759 - 1985.

              Dimensions :
Malleable Cast  Iron pipe fittings as per IS : 1879 - 1987.

              Higher Malleability : 
              Produces  better ductility and therefore withstand higher external and internal pressure
              without development of cracks.

              Alignment of Threads : 
              The axes of the threads are strictly coincident with the theoretical axes of the fittings though
               the  standard provides a tolerance of +, - 1/2  on the run and on the branches. 

              Pressure Test :  
              Each fitting before it leaves the works is subjected to a pressure test, either :
              (a) The application of an internal hydraulic pressure of not less than 2.1 MPa, or 
              (b) The application of an internal air pressure of 1.05 MPa.

              Chamfering :  
              The outlet of the fittings are chamfered to assist assembly and prevent damage to the start