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Group Profile







Jolly Group is an outstanding forerunner in the quality manufacturing & exporting of the wide-ranging products viz. Pipe Fittings, Bathroom Accessories, valves & cocks and various types of Castings. The group was established in the year 1960 with the launch of Jolly Malleables, later another company Jolly Exports was launched in lieu of continuous demands in the International Markets.

The company was configured by Mr. K.S. Jolly on keeping 'Quality' & 'Economy' as the basic parameters to the sound foundation. At Jolly Group each of the produce is professionally managed from the designing at the in-house tool room to the final production. Selective in the choice of raw material, Jolly Group produce undergo stringent quality testation at the quality control department for the users benefit. Technology savvy by the belief, the firms units at Jalandhar is fully automated & machine driven. Hence is a matchless manufacturer in the province for high speed demands to be met.

Hence with the, committed commitments to the quality orientation, cost effectiveness & timely deliveries, Jolly Group encashes the skin-deep appreciations bestowed by the clientele that exhibits the success experienced.